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Residential and Commercial Carpets

Are you interested in carpet flooring? You are not alone. At Online Carpet, we sell residential and commercial carpet flooring.

How are we able to do it? With OC, we are able to get deals that other carpets stores simply cannot. By providing you with our “Free Shop at Home Service” means we do not have the overheads such as shop front stores which can chew up a company’s cost.


So Many Options:

Do you have children or pets in the home, or adults that are prone to spills and messes? Not a worry when you have Solution Dyed carpet installed – Solution-dying is where colour is added to the nylon carpet fibre during production, rather than applied to the surface afterwards, making it colourfast against cleaning and sunlight . These products are available in a large range of colour options, solution dyed carpets are easy to keep clean allowing your family to comfortably live with a stunning Carpet.



  • Superior stain resistance
  • Non Allergenic
  • Colour fast and fade resistant
  • Built-in anti-static protection
  • Easy maintenance


Carpets Installation :

With some retailers, you might love the prices but fret about the installation of the product. Not so with OC.  We install what we sell.


How can you go wrong? Call OC today to discover which carpet is right for your home or business. We have a large range of different types of carpet for your perusal. Call today and let us provide the carpet you have always wanted.




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